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SC Divorce Firm

SC logo

“Since launching my first official website two years ago created by Lisa I have received compliments that I can’t even count.  My favorite compliment is that the website is “so you.”  As a lawyer I tend to be on the conservative side, but I can’t stand anything that is boring, basic or stereotypical of a lawyer.  It is important to me that my look, my attitude and style comes across in all that I do.  This is something that comes easy in dressing or even decorating an office- but when it came to building a website, I feared that would be a much harder task.  All the lawyer websites I had seen were pretty much the same, and unfortunately, I knew mostly what I did NOT want than what I did want.  Fortunately Lisa paved the way to bringing the essence of who I am as an individual and lawyer as well our firm’s mission.  Lisa did not show up with samples or templates.  She showed up with a small notebook and a pencil where she jotted down thoughts and sketched some ideas.  I secretly wondered and worried whether this little notebook could turn out a website, but I liked Lisa, her energy, ideas and patience, and so I trusted her.  Through an incredibly interesting, exciting and interactive creative process, my partner and I watched the ideas in our head emerge on to a website. It was truly amazing and more importantly, everything we wanted it to be.  Lisa was able to take our respective personalities and styles and bring them to life on-line.  This is branding at its best!”

Maria Schwartz Esq.
Schwartz and Ciesinski, LLP

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KIM-SC biz card

My Harmony Studio

My Harmony Studio LOGO e scrittaMHS- web

Psiche non balla da sola

Riff Raff’s

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A Corona Works

a corona works-solid black“Simply, in a word, Lisa is an Artist.  In this way, she brings the highest level of her artistry to the table, in addition to all of the technical requirements needed for successful branding and website design.  For our project, www.acoronaworks.com, she came to us with clear, focused, and enthusiastic energy that enabled us to trust her through every step of the process.  Over several revisions and re-thinking of the project, she never faltered and never ‘agreed’ with us just to agree.  Lisa’s artistic points were always backed-up and justified with what she felt was the ‘bigger picture’ of what was needed in order to create a new brand, where one never existed before.  Obviously this was a process, and through each step she guided us – professionally – and always with calm and a smile.  It’s been a fantastic journey, to say the least, and what she has created and developed for us, is absolutely gorgeous!  Mille grazie, Lisa!”

Alessandra Corona
Artistic Director – A Corona Works
acw website

Lorella Rapisarda

lorella biz card

“I am very satisfied of the website that Lisa created for me, it perfectly reflects my personality and the energy I put in my work as a teacher. It communicates the two key intentions I wanted to convey through my website: professionalism and creativity. Lisa is particularly good at understanding the personality and what is needed to present a particular work and she can find elegant, creative, and professional solutions that are fundamental for promoting anyones work on the web.”

~ Lorella Rapisarda

“Sono molto soddisfatta del sito che Lisa ha creato per me, riflette esattamente la mia personalità e l’energia che metto nel mio lavoro di insegnante. Trasmette professionalità e creatività allo stesso tempo ed è proprio quello che intendevo comunicare attraverso il sito. Lisa è particolarmente brava a capire la personalità e ciò che serve per presentare un particolare lavoro e riesce a trovare soluzioni eleganti, creative, e professionali che sono fondamentali per la diffusione del proprio lavoro nel web.”

~ Lorella Rapisarda


lorella's website

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Centro Raccontami

Screen shot 2014-08-10 at 7.39.30 PMCentro Raccontami is an Italian Language & Cultural Center in the heart of Manhattan, NYC. They teach italian to children and adults and host many cultural events & trips to Italy. Their previous website was impossible for the staff to edit, and when they needed a section for their auction, it was a good time to redesign it.

They did not want to loose the look and feel of their current brand, so our job was to enhance it with their photos, make the website fully editable by the staff, and add the blog and auction sections.

The Branding Studio also has been designing their postcards to promote the trips to Italy, after school activities, summer camps, and the new preschool.

We also created an easily editable newsletter for them to send out weekly updates to their members. 

Visit Centro Raccontami’s Website:

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Gnosis Chocolate

gnosis icon

Gnosis Chocolate is definitely our favorite raw chocolate not only for it’s flavor but also for the companies passion for sustainability from bean to bar! The Branding Studio has collaborated on several stages of the new packaging design, product label design, expo banners & marketing materials, and specific seasonal product campaigns like the Passion Collection for Valentines, Mothers Day, Earth Day, and the Spring Collection for spring.

Here is a sample of some of the work completed for Gnosis Chocolate:

Angels and Passion Collection in the yellow coulds

Passion Collection

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“Lisa took the time to learn about the values I wanted to express in my business. I feel that the image she created is able to get my message across in my logo and I am easily able to convey my brand when I hand out my business card.”
~ Damascene Pierre Paul, CEO of Dom Dada Inc


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Tokya is a fairly new Sushi Lounge and Nightclub in New York City. It opened it’s doors in November 2013 and ever since it has attracted nightlife thrill seekers with it’s exciting 3D projections on the walls of the main dance floor. Located in Midtown manhattan, Tokya offers an exquisite sushi menu by master chef Taka, served daily in the multi level space that has modern japanese style details. The Branding Studio has designed it’s logo, composed of the letters TOKYA positioned vertically to mimic asian characters. At first glance this logo may seem confusing but it’s charm is when the letters are finally recognized, which in turn make it memorable.

The Branding Studio has also been designing their weekly flyers as well as contributed to the many details that give the venue it’s charm: from the golden logo on the front door, to the geisha inspired tables & cherry blossom inspired menus.

Another role The Branding Studio has been fulfilling is the implementation of Tokya’s social media presence (on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) with pertinent postings of special dishes, event flyers, pictures of the nightlife, and video clips of special moments on instagram.

Some examples of the weekly flyers and social media postings can be viewed below, feel free to explore more of this exciting new venue located on 40 East 58th St, New York, NY 10011.

Entrance on 58th Street between Park Avenue and Madison Avenue:

tokya door 2

Inside DJ Booth, Stage and Geisha theme tables:

tokya DJ BOOTH and StageTokya Geisha Tables


Nightlife Promotional Flyers:

iMarch 7-2014 iMarch-21-2014-a iFebruary-14-2014i-NEW YEARS EVE 2013Flyer_Frontseite iMarch-8-2014-3iDecember 13-2013 iDecember 14-2013 iDecember 21-2013-2 iDecember 7-2013iDecember 6-2013 iJanuary 11-2013iApril-4-2014iMarch-22-2014-3april 25 tokyaapril 11 tokya

Chiara Luppi


Chiara Luppi's LOGO
Chiara Luppi is a well known singer from Padua, she participated to many famous italian musicals, the Voice of Italy, and regularly performs in stages both as a singer and an artistic director. We needed to create a logo for her that had her initials as well as a fun “curl” that resembles her curly hair. She also needed a website that shows her many different talents. Every page of her website has a different image of her, singing on a stage, playing a role in a musical, or just being herself. We wanted to create a brand that had a very authentic and approachable feel to it. She shares her facebook feed and instagram feed on every page.

Visit her Website:

Web Layout


Business Cards:

Luppi biz card-FRONT-LEGGERO


Flyer for a Concert in NYC:


Facebook Timeline to promote her concert:


chiara 4 aprile



VitalitySoul Donatella






“Working with Lisa Zaccaria of The Branding Studio has been a very creativily empowering experience. Her artistic qualities revealed to be very precious in various projects and particularly when designing the New Moon Activation Cards that VitalitySoul published in 2012/2013.

Lisa’s taste and understanding of color combination to create visually attractive marketing materials have been superlative in the realization of my website www.vitalitySoul.com.

Her open personality and capacity of tuning in with her clients’ expectations and ideas is compelling, and together with her technical skills and business visions I can wholeheartedly say that working with Lisa is great asset to our business.”

VitalitySoul Web LayoutNewsletter Header Sagittarius PACKETSfront and backbreathing classes2breathing classesbreathing postcard

Rainmakers Roundtable

“There is no doubt that proper branding contributes to bringing in more business. Good branding makes selling easier, especially in the current economic climate, people want to do business when they feel safe and secure.

The Branding Studio worked with me as fully vested team in my success to come with a brand that is strong, powerful and appealing to my market: the professional services. The immediate result: (I’m big on results for myself and clients) psychologically its made my job to sell our  services a lot easier.

A job well done. ” ~ Paramjit L. Mahli Founder and Ceo of The Rainmakers Roundtable www.TheRainmakersRoundtable.com
The Custom Website Design:

Other Design Elements and Logos to describe The Rainmakers Roundtable Services:



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cover 3 keys book

Peace Industry Music

You may have walked by the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park and heard the inspiring sound of the Boyd Family & Friend singing. This group hired The Branding Studio to upgrade the image of their CD covers and create a memorable logo. 

The music performed by Peace Industry Music Group is a diverse blend of pop, opera, gospel, standards, jazz, and spirituals. 

We designed their brand image to be as eclectic as their sound and further the curiosity of their instant fans from around the world. The new image has been responsible for an increase in sales and has attracted concert opportunities for the group.

visit their Facebook Page:

Green Breakfast Club

“In my two decades of branding projects for nonprofit and mission driven ventures, I’ve never come across anyone with the skillset and talent that Lisa possesses.  Despite my company already having a logo and branding, or so I thought, Lisa approached me about doing a ‘rebrand’. I was shocked by her candor, and taken aback by her sincerity and confidence. I agreed, and I consider this to be one of the best decisions I’ve made with Green Breakfast Club, and a true turning point in the company.  Lisa doesn’t just design great logos or materials or brands, she cuts to the heart of why the brand exists, and then paints a whole vibrant and clear and relatable world around it.”
~ Danielle Lanyard, Founder and C.E.O of  The Green Breakfast Club
More icons that are part of Danielle’s brand image:



Love Talk

Love Talk“You are going to LOVE working with Lisa. One of the greatest things about Lisa is that she thinks in images. How this benefits you, is that it takes her no-time at all to get the essence of the brand that BEST represents you. All you need to do is talk to her, and before you know it, she’s sending you the most perfect images, design, layout, and colors that uniquely define you and your brand. Lisa loves what she does and it shows. She goes the extra-mile with every project and makes sure you are 111% happy, every time. I have hired Lisa numerous times over the past 2 years and I know I will continue to do so, for the life of my business. She is one of my favorite people to work with, and I consider her an INTEGRAL part of my team.” ~ Colette Kenney

Love Notes    Notes that Inspire

Facebook Welcome Page:

Facebook Sign up Page

Web banners for Colette’s relationship coaching practice:

Colette Kenney

Colette Kenney

The True Prosperity Banner:


Sign Up Button for the True Prosperity course:
True Prosperity 2012

Promotional Banner for Manosophy course:

Manosophy course

The Manosophy Gift Certificate:

Manosophy Gift Certificate

The Manosophy Web Ad:

manosophy ad



Aleya Dao

“Lisa’s designs are so in sync with who I am and the message I want to send to the world. There is a clean consistent look in all of her designs. She helped me revamp my entire website over the course of 1 year. My restraint was budget and she was willing to work with me as well as being patient with my process of making decisions. Her ability to “see” the look I had in mind and then bring it to life was amazing. She has an incredible gift of being able to deliver people’s inner vision. Her vitality and joy in what she does is delightful and refreshing to work with. I looked for years to find Lisa and I am so glad she appeared in my life through some very magical occurrences. It is so wonderful to find someone who you can work with so easily and joyously. I love how she never runs out of ideas for design and how to help me deliver my product to the world. Thank you Lisa!” ~ Aleya Dao Master Sound Healer & Founder of Cups of Consciousness

Visit her “underwater” website: www.AleyaDao.com

 The Store  is like a seashore where you can find many treasures in the sand:

Aleya's Store Image

When you click on the icons you enter into a page with all the categories on the left and a mini cart on the right, at the bottom of the website you find a family of friendly dolphins:

Daily Cups of Consciousness Meditations:

Cups of Consciousness Meditations

Navigation Symbols for the Cups of Consciousness, the TALL Cups of Consciousness, and the Yoga Cups:

 Cups of ConsciousnessTall CupsYoga Cups

Throughout the website there are several icons that are in line with the ocean theme of the website:







Cups of Consciousness Newsletter “Buttons”:

Tele-Video Workshop Images:

Right Relationship Workshop Image

CD Covers:

Angel Healing

Childen's CD

Consciousness Meditations

Sound Healing




The Real Journey

The Real Journey Logo

Ready to launch her business as an Executive Coach, Donna was not even thinking about creating a brand for her business when we first met. When she asked me what I do and I explained the importance of creating a brand and I described my organic process of revealing your “Million Dollar Brand” she was intrigued and wanted to know more. When she visited my website she really resonated with my  artistic creativity and was curious to see what I could create for her. We met a few more times to map out the details and then we got to work! Through a process of stimulating questions, imagery and dreaming BIG we were able to become very clear on her target market and pin down the logo and tagline for her Executive Coaching business: “The Real Journey ~ Coaching Your Path to Success”. Below you will find the different elements of her brand, and don’t forget to check out her website:


The Real Journey Business Card

The Real Journey Journal

The Real Journey Book CoverTRG workbooks

Donna’s Testimonial when her Brand was complete:

“Lisa’s strong intuitive sense of what was most needed at every step of the creative process resulted in a far better design than I could ever have imagined! Her creativity and ability to probe deeper with the right questions at the right time kept our collaboration fresh and interesting, and I learned how important it is to let the process unfold. Her genuine enthusiasm for what we were creating made me appreciate that we had a true partnership. Thank you, Lisa. You were right – I now love my brand!”

What Mommy Needed…

What Mommy Needed to Know book

Shirley Ann business Card