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Green LightbulbThe Branding Studio offers both strategy & design packages
because your brand is more than just a logo! We like to describe our process by comparing it to the growth of a tree: The Branding Tree.
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If you are wondering what The Branding Studio can do for you, we have  created the following two offers to give you a sense of how working with us can be:

The Quick and Easy Brand Audit  $499

You’ve been in business for awhile and your brand image has had several incarnations, it’s time to re-evaluate the best look for your business and keep a consistent message throughout all your marketing materials

how it works:
– schedule an interview to learn about your company
– we review of all your current marketing materials
– you will receive a customized report that specifies what your brand message is “saying” to the world (from your clients point of view)
– we will schedule a meeting to review our findings and give you our top 3 suggestions for improvement that you can tweak now

average time-frame: 1 weeks


Email Marketing Design  $499

You may be already sending out a newsletter (and wish it could look better), or you know you should be sending out a newsletter but you don’t know where to start… either way a branded newsletter is the best way to connect and keep in touch with your clients.
We love MailChimp! And we will show you all the reasons why by creating a customized newsletter for you! 

what you will receive:
– attractive newsletter banner design
– custom MailChimp template design
– 2 hr training call to teach you and/or your assistant to create lists, campaigns and more

average time-frame: 1 week


If you are ready to dive in to branding your business or need a specific quote you can visit:

The Branding Packages Page