About us

The Branding Studio is located in the concrete jungle of New York City,  and is creating true outstanding Brand Solutions for clients all over the world! What does creating true outstanding Brand Solutions for our clients mean exactly?

Well that means we really listen to you, your desires and your dreams. Our strong intuition leads our research as we think deeply about the best way to tell your brand story. We are highly creative, passionate about design, and confident enough to come up with out of the box ideas to keep your marketing materials look fresh, unique, and most of all… true to your brand personality. This process comes with clarity around all aspects of your brand message and  a strong dose of  taking Play very seriously!

We understand our main goal is for YOU to start attracting you best clients quickly.  In the first stage of brand creation orbrand transition, we are very patient and flexible because the process of birthing a brand or giving it a makeover can be stressful and… like any truly creative project… quite messy and confusing. As soon as we get to the essence of your brand we will quickly bring clarity to the design elements with all the strategic solutions to position you for success… for Thriving Success!! 

Nuts about Design

Because we believe in the power of communication, we like to keep in touch with weekly updates, so you are not left wondering how the project is progressing. We know YOU VALUE a timely delivery, attention to detail, keeping our promises, and brilliantly channeling the essence of your message into a inspiring design.

Our methods are intuitive, our ideas brilliant, our communication clear, and… we deliver customized reports for you and your team to review.

In addition to great design, the best part of working with us is that we offer a peace of mind … when we give you our word we mean it!


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