About the Founder


lisa-iceLisa Zaccaria was born in Italy, in a city not far from Venice, called Padua. From an early age she knew her calling was to become an artist and pursued an artistic education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice where she earned a BFA in Painting.

Art and Creativity have always been a part of her family history and her environment, her father is an Architect who would often share his passion for art history and he would always expose Lisa to his latest projects. Lisa’s grandfather was also a passionate artist who filled their family home with paintings and etchings of mountain scenes, and city views of “Vecchia Padova” (tr. old Padua). Weekends were dedicated to traveling different italian cities on an adventure of artistic sightseeing and museum exhibits. The rich italian culture that so values beauty, proportions, decoration, creativity was absorbed and re-translated in all her artistic expression.

When Lisa moved to New York City in the late 90’s, she found great joy in Graphic Design and started freelancing for musicians and dancers until she enrolled in an MBA Marketing program at Fordham University and found her passion for Branding.

Her talent for Branding was in fact the best expression of her passion for Art, Marketing, and Design as well as a necessary medium to help performers and business owners attract their perfect customers. She has therefore created two entities: LisArt Studio that is dedicated to showcasing her artwork as well as offering hand painted mural solutions for homes and businesses, and The Branding Studio that offers unique branding solutions to businesses who are willing to invest in their success and are ready to be seen in the light of their full potential!